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These Micro Robots Are Like Worker Ants


World's Smallest Laptop Adapter

Now on kickstarter.  They even have a version that is Mac compatible.


LifePrint Portable Photo Printer on Kickstarter

Designed to work with your iOS and Android device, and your friend's iOS and Android devices to send prints right to you.  Its a social media printer.


Pelican learns to fly


Lomo Petzval Lens - Its Here

I pledged at the Lens reward level on kickstarter last year, and just got this beautiful lens.  As you can see, its quite shiny, and that's because its made of brass in Russia of all places.  I could have got this lens months ago were it not for Lomo's lack of communication about shipments of lenses coming really early.  I guess they thought it would be a nice surprise - except it wasn't, because I was out of town, and it required a direct signature from myself.  I hope they learned their lesson, because I'm not the only one.

(Fedex also wasn't very helpful in re-directing the packaging either.)

I've yet to shoot much with it, as it really begs to be a portrait lens shot at f2.2 with subject smack in the center.

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