Lone elephant fends off 14 lions


DJI Inspire One

The DJI Inspire 1 is on pre-order right now for a cool $2899 that's ready to fly - just charge up the batteries, plug in your smart device and you're good to go with 4K video camera (built in) and advanced 3 axis gimbal. 

What's new is the 360 degree design for unobstructed view and rotation.


48/72 MPG SUV by Hyundai


StarTrek Computer For Your Home Called 'Alexa'

OK, so its actually called the Amazon Echo and its coming sometime this year.  Check it out:

This appears to be closer to Google / Siri territory but Alexa, ahem, I meant Echo sounds a bit smarter and friendlier as a permanent home appliance.  Starting at $99 preorder, or $199.

In all honesty, it'll probably offer to order stuff for you as easily and painless as adding it to your shopping list (see video).   


Ricoh Theta Now Does 360 Video

Ricoh Theta M15 Panorama Camera, Blue

You do need a new M15 model - but the good news is that its now $100 less than the one without video. 

Ricoh Theta M15 Panorama Camera, Blue - $299, but also comes in a few other colors.

After the break, see a demo of the stills quality (or lack of):

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