How The Sun Sees You


Renovo is 500 HP 1000 lb ft torque Super Electric Car

The Renovo Coupe from Renovo Motors on Vimeo.

Pre-orders this weekend for about half a million.


Multi-Unlimited Color Pen Coming!

Holds up to 1000 colors, picks up any color you want.  Isn't science great?


Droplet is a Water Cannon for Your Plants

I wish this robotic water cannon came out early in the summer when I needed it to water two different gardens in two different properties in the blistering heat.

The Droplets sprinkler is the world's first programmable hose end sprinter system that is smartly connected to over 10,000 weather stations with real-time data, as well as comprehensive database that includes the biological plant information and US soil samples to make better recommendations on how much watering is appropriate.

The company claims that it uses up to 90% less water than a standard sprinkler-- a figure that does seem believable given that a lot of the speakers that I see in a neighborhood tend to sprinkle the water onto the sidewalk just as much as the grass.

Still, at $300 it seems a bit steep.  I'd buy a few if they were hundred dollars piece.  If I get my hands on one, I'll definitely let you know what I think.

Droplet is also available at Brookstone here.


NomadPlus Makes Your iPhone Charger More Useful

Brought to you by my friends over at Nomad, makers of the Nomad ChargeKey.  

The NomadPlus combines with your Apple iPhone charger to form a portable battery pack with 1500mAH capacity capable of charging an iPhone up 70%.

Its available for pre-order right now here for $39.00.