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$100 off a NEW Boosted Board v2

Use this link or this code: EOSZMlOX

I test rode version in 2014 and bought one in 2015. There are very few things I absolutely rave about in fun factor, and this is makes my top 10.


Grizzly is Man's Best Friend

Grizzly as in grizzly bear.  And by man, I mean this man.  By GoPro.

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LinkedIn User's Most Popular Password?

Video of the announcement and a tip on finding out if your email or username has been breached in a big public way. 

Is 123456 back in 2012.  We only know this because the hack that happened in 2012 affected way more than a few million that was reported by LinkedIn years ago.  Now there are over 117 million accounts being sold for 5 bit coin, which roughly translates to between $2-3k USD on the black market.

I'm hoping nobody out there still has a LinkedIn account with a password 123456 because their life is about the change.


New Every Day Carry Light - Biolite Powerlite Mini

EDC BioLite PowerLight Mini Review by mikemuonline

I love this light. It serves me well when I’m home, and when I travel about outside on the go whether it’s on my bike, eBike, my Momus electric scooter, or just out for a jog in the evening.

I don’t live in a nice home with modern skylights, giant windows, and nicely lit hallways during most of the day. I don’t like wasting electricity, and try to keep a low energy and carbon waste profile whenever possible. This light helps me see things around the house, in storage, in the garage, and when I’m searching through my camera bags for stuff.  It’s better than a flashlight in that it superslim, and provides a nice diffuse light that I simply clip on my shirt - no dorky headlamp required.

When I leave the house, it also travels with me in an everyday carry bag because it serves a dual purpose as a USB backup battery just in case (1350 maH).  Once it hits early evening, I use it light a flash light, headlamp, or tail-lamp for my bike, etc.

Costs about $50 with tax.

*I’m not sponsored in any way BioLite, and I purchased this with my own money.  But if you click on any of my links and make a purchase, I receive a small percentage which goes towards hosting this site.  Thank you!


The Best (so far) DJI Osmo Battery Charger

I've been on the search for a while for the best DJI Osmo battery charger that wasn't an OEM product. I found several that are included with different battery packages that claim to charge two batteries at once. Of all the ones that I found that can charge two batteries at once, only one of them so far is able to charge as fast as the original charger but with two batteries at a time.  That means I can charge one or two batteries at the same time from 0 to 100% in one hour.

Many of the others only charge at 40% to 50% the rate of the original charger. Granted if you were charging two batteries at the same time at 50% rate, you would effectively have charged both batteries in the same time in that slower dual charger as you would have if you just had the one charger, except for the convenience of plugging the batteries in and coming back two hours later.

Here it is, and you're welcome!