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The Best (so far) DJI Osmo Battery Charger

I've been on the search for a while for the best DJI Osmo battery charger that wasn't an OEM product. I found several that are included with different battery packages that claim to charge two batteries at once. Of all the ones that I found that can charge two batteries at once, only one of them so far is able to charge as fast as the original charger but with two batteries at a time.  That means I can charge one or two batteries at the same time from 0 to 100% in one hour.

Many of the others only charge at 40% to 50% the rate of the original charger. Granted if you were charging two batteries at the same time at 50% rate, you would effectively have charged both batteries in the same time in that slower dual charger as you would have if you just had the one charger, except for the convenience of plugging the batteries in and coming back two hours later.

Here it is, and you're welcome!


the Model X on Tested

The most advanced SUV in the world (and fastest).

Last Day for Buy one Get One Free Acronis True Image


OverWatch Origins - Coming Soon

The best place to get it here at CDKEYS.com.

I'm honestly not a hard-core first-person shooter fan. I started with doom back in the 90s, played a little bit of call of duty on the console, and that's pretty much about it.

I thought that overwatch origins was just going to be Meh! But blizzard had an open beta weekend where they wanted to test the servers, and after a few games I was hooked. Thankfully, the system requirements are not ridiculous. Also like most blizzard games, it's very well thought out, balanced, and should be very fun to play even for people who don't like first-person shooters.

The next Open Beta starts on May 5th, 2016.

The best price by far is from CDkeys.com for less than $42 USD. I purchased Fallout 4 from them at a very nice discount a few months ago and everything came through as described. I was so happy with the price, and the service that I recently became a web affiliate.

Anyway, check out the videos that blizzard put out about overwatch. What some gameplay, but you should really try the game for yourself. I'm sure there's going to be some free trial promotion for friends once the game comes out. If you need one, comment down below and if I have any I will send a friend key to you.




And You Wonder Why Your Private Data Is Breached

40% of executives don't feel they are responsible for your data at all.