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Why SkyRoam Won't Work For Me

I don't have a SkyRoam, and have never tried or used it.  I'm sure its a good device and service because it gets great reviews on Amazon.  So this is not a review of the device, just some preliminary findings based on what I wanted to know before I spend money to consider reviewing or evaluating SkyRoam.

I had to dig a little bit about this for a number of things:

1. Where does it work?

2. How fast are the speeds?

3. Cost for the data?

4. What don't they tell you up front?


1. It works pretty much globally.

2. Somewhere between 3G and 4G speeds.  

3. $8-$10 a day 'unlimited'

4. You only get 350MB of high speed.  After that you get 2G speeds, which is very, very slow.  "

"Note: Skyroam is not optimized for video services like YouTube, Netflix or other heavy streaming activities."

The answer to #4 pretty much makes this no better than what T-Mobile already provides for me on my phone.  I can get slow speeds that are OK for emails, and light browsing already with no additional cost with my plan in many countries.
What I want to be able to do is upload photos and videos while on the go, and the SkyRoam only ensures that I can send and receive emails for $10 USD a day which is something I already get with my T-Mobile Plan.
**Not an endorsement for Tmobile and SkyRoam**

Guiness Record for Synchronized Robot Dancing

1007 synchronized robots.


Casey Neistat, My New Addiction

Became a fan this summer, nerdwriter explains what you don't see in his videos - all the work he puts into them so that each daily vlog is a mini-movie in itself.


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I Don't Consider Myself a Pixel Peeper

Let's scratch what I said in the subject.  I am a pixel peeper from time to time but only when I happen to be using Photoshop to review pictures and check for clarity, and noise. Most of time this happens when I get a picture that is clearly heads and shoulders above in sharpness, contrast, color and details that make me want to go back to some of my other pictures to compare pixels.

I pretty much done this mostly when I review photographs taken with the Sigma DP Quattro series, typically in low ISO and high shutter speed, or on a tripod.  (The other times have been when I've shot with my Zeiss 135mm f/2 lens.)
If you are pixel paper, either consider moving to really expensive equipment or get a full beyond powered Sigma Quattro series (or Merrill) class camera and l and get your technique down; spend a lot of time in Sigma's horrible Photo Pro, and pixel peep!  I do from time to time, and it's fun.