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DJI Introduces Osmo, The Stabilized 4K Handheld Camera

For $649.  I first saw this un-named item at CES and it was thought to be an accessory for the DJI Inspire's detachable camera.  Now they include a new camera with it for the $649 price point.  And yes, you can use the DJI Inspire camera on it, but at this point it looks like the two are almost exactly the same so why bother?  Those DJI Inspire owners might want to consider waiting for the handle to be sold separately.

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Angee, Automated Security System

Something new to check out.  No, it doesn't control your lights or appliances, but it does have some smart features other units don't have - particularly the voice recognition, battery, and the 360 degree automated camera all-in-one device.


Nuyu Sleep System Cools You Down and Warms You Up for Better Sleep


Perfect Bag for Free Under Seat Bag on Spirit?

I think I've found it!  It took a while because I didn't want some other third-no-name bag manufacturer with questionable quality even if super cheap.  

This is what I've found: 

Eagle Creek Flyte Pop Top AWD Black - Eagle Creek Small Rolling Luggage

Its dimensions are 16.5 x 14 x 9.  The half inch is just the handle, which while you can cut off, if you just put the bag upside down into the bag checker and it'll pass.  The big benefit is that it converts to a full size carry-on if you need it.  Quite awesome!  The negative is the price, currently $265 but it comes with Eagle Creek's No Matter What Warranty.

If you want to make absolutely sure it will fit, you can opt for the 2 wheel version instead:  Eagle Creek EC Adventure Pop Top Carry-On Black - Eagle Creek Small Rolling Luggage.  But once you go 4 wheels its tough to go back to 2.  


Sony Alpha 7s II - now with internal 4k recording

Just $3000, but now you have built-in recording and even better low light performance.