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Precision Spring Making Robot

This would make an awesome screensaver.


Nikon KeyMission 80 Wearable - Replace My Autographer?

Nikon KeyMission 80 was announced earlier (and releases October 26th on Amazon) for under $280.  My Autographer was retired (no longer additional development) sometime last year and I haven't used it in a while because the battery life no longer lasts a full day.  Same thing about the Narrative Clip as well. 

Obvious improvements are better picture quality for sure, however it also appears to be much bigger so its going to be way more conspicuous than the original Autographer and Narrative clip.  Also unlike the Autographer there are no parameters or intelligence in when it will automatically take a picture - basically having just an interval mode it seems.  But, it is super rugged, records video, has dual cameras, and what appears to be a really nice magnetic mount.

I'm going to wait to try one out in person to see if its something I can add to my EDC.


Capture Live Video with your Phone Hands Free

Captr is a jacket designed to capture POV hands free with your phone.  I could have used it on my recent travels. It is $89 right now as an early bird, with a few left.


Brief moment in Typhoon Megi

Typhoon Megi Trip out down the street to buy groceries. Clip coming back. #typhoon #typhoonmegi

A video posted by Mike Mu (@mikemuonline) on Sep 28, 2016 at 7:04pm PDT


How To Combine Internet Connections for Faster Speed

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Full disclosure, Speedify is an advertiser on this site.  I recently tried their trial access and was impressed by its ability to solve my traveling internet issues (at least partially) so that I can upload files on-the-go using various connections.

Increase your Internet speed with Speedify. Try now for free!

Basically this allows you to combine bandwidth / internet connections (called bonding) together for faster speed.   They cannot be from the same provider so my usage will be using FREE cafe internet access in addition to my mobile hotspot for combined throughput.

On my Macbook I use an external, extended range wifi adapter plus the internal wifi adapter to take advantage of two different networks.  At home where I have one main internet line and a backup line I can do one via wired connection, another via another wired connection or use wifi without much additional equipment.

Plus, its also a VPN as well so you get that added functionality while traveling when needing to access something local in the USA (like netflix, or P2P).