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Coin is Now On Amazon!

Version 2 is now on Amazon.

 I saw this technology and posted about it 4 years ago now its here! Which makes it the perfect time (holidays), and place (amazon) to try out this awesome technology that will make your wallet be slimmer!  Would make a great gift for just about anybody who has a fat wallet. 


Email Signatures Made Easy

Do I know how to code my own professional email signature?  Yes.  

Did I ever make my own?  Yes.  

Did I drag my feet doing it?  Yes.  

Is there an easier way?  Yes.  

Wisestamp is it!  I've been using them for a good part of this year, and use dynamic signatures which rotate from time to time to share my consulting message(s).  Check it out!



Jetpacks Fly By Emirates A380 Jet

Great marketing campaign.


HUDWAY Glass Could Make Your GPS App Safer

Ends in four days.  I'd be all over it if it supports Waze natively in the app, but it doesn't.  Still it will HUD anything that is displayed on your phone, and it does support Google Maps using its own app.


Boeing's Lightest Metal Ever