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Costco Deep Dish Pizza

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Was my first time trying this take and bake pizza.  It's awesome because it fits in my Convection Toaster Oven.  The quality of the parts of the pizza are great, but as a whole it ended up tasting too salty.  I prefer a more balanced pizza, with more acidity from tomatoes.  Still its a great value for the money.


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I ate a sample at Costco and I thought that it was great and bought one. I baked it according to directions and found that I didn't enjoy eating it after the first 2 bites. The pizza has lots of strange flavors once you start analyzing the flavors. I should have know something was strange when I saw that the so called cheese actually was runny. Real cheese does not run. When I look at the list of ingredients I quickly saw that there was a whole list of dehydrated this and dehydrated that, I am very surprised that Costo hasn't done better.
I won't buy another one,

January 30, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterJoe


I'll take a closer look at the ingredients list. I'm sure its nothing out of the ordinary as far as a commercial pizza product is concerned. But I agree, just looking at my snapshot, I see that the ingredients list is huge - which typically means a lot of processed ingredients, which isn't the most healthy.

I haven't bought another one of those pizzas since that first trial. I found that it tasted better the day after, right out from the fridge. And again, I felt the flavors were not well balanced and ended up too salty.

But still, I have to look at the value standpoint. Compared to what you get from the frozen aisle, I do think it still ends up being a good value. Maybe not as good a value as some of the other Costco / Kirkland branded products but still competitive none-the-less.

It's still not the best value pizza I've ever got at a Costco though. That would have to go to some other company in the frozen foods section with the thin crust take and bake. Too bad I don't see it anymore.


January 31, 2013 | Registered CommenterMike Mu

bout a lb of cheese and an oz of tomato suace. gross
Im cooking mine right now, when it gets hot enough, im going to scoop out some of the cheese and add my own chunky pizza suace i made.
also gonna toss in a few slices of bell pepper and jalapeno

February 15, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterstonedude

I agree with everthing beeing said about this deep dish horror...salty, unbalanced and no sauce.

March 14, 2013 | Unregistered Commentermichael l

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